Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whine whine whine!!!

I have a negative attitude.  I will be the first to admit that.  But you know here lately i been around more negativity than i can stand.  Everywhere i turn its i can do this or i cant do that or I'm not happy what should i do. Or better yet its just sitting there and pouting and shake shake shake goes the leg.  First of all if you are not happy then do something about it.  Its one thing to think that you may fail or may not be cut out for something.  Its quite another to do nothing about it or even try.  If you cant do the job or think that everything  you do is wrong then maybe try harder or just quit and move on.  If things don't go your way then stop pouting and move your fat butt and make it different.  Doing nothing but complaining doesn't fix the problem.  It makes it worse.  I complain! I downgrade myself but i wont dwell.  I know the only way its going to be any different is to take action! Besides can't the whiner see how exhausting its making the people around you feel.

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