Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Are these Kids and why do they keep calling me MOOOOOOMMY???

I figured before starting into all the proud mommy stories and the ones where you swore the child was someone Else's that you should know these children that are often claimed and occasionally unclaimed.  There is not one but 2 girls.  Yes i said 2 GIRLS!  Needless to say they can wrap numerous people around their little pinky fingers at one time.  Warning...Warning...Manipulation to be in effect in 5..4...3...2...too late they jumped on it early!  Yes they may be able to manipulate the men in their lives, they are still all heart for everyone.  For one you better not take their Ganny away.  And daddy ends up being the greatest daddy to both with out hesitation.  Then there is Poppy! No one hold a candle to Poppy. (maybe cuz he holds the most gum) But i suppose for future posts you should know who i am talking about.  The 6 year old is the Princess.  We will call her Princess T.  She does sport the crown so what else could that mean but royalty.  The 2 year old is a tuff gurl.  She will take down the biggest bully in the room.   We r just gonna call her E.  Tough and to the point!

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  1. Great intro of the girls. I like your screen name, very appropriate, heh.