Thursday, January 17, 2013

That Expression on my face

You know the one in the picture at the top of the page.  What is in that expression.  Is it anticipation of whats to come? Is it you already know what is going to happen so just do it? Or why even ask and just keep moving on. After coming back and forth to this blog several times I see that picture each time. But every time The expression I get from the same exact picture is different every time.  This time it looked at me and said "You Know" So yea I know and I know what I gotta do.  Time to start telling the story in the parts they will come out in. so stay tuned for the next episode in the series.  Every thing is going to have some funky twist and turn. Keep all arms and feet inside the car at all times!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is this it???

Did I seriously sign up to be a softball mom?  At this moment I am delirious from the days events and realizing this was only practice #2.  But it's gonna get better.  Few more weeks we will be cheering and screaming cuz they hit that ball and running them bases! Instead of carrying the other to the base or shaking booties to the next base,  It is all so very priceless and I would need a camcorder running at all times to catch the humor that these girls throw off! And as a GA would say it GAME ON!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Could it be a whole year

I have just noticed that my last blog was wrote over a year ago! GO figure! Pintrest is my new addiction and I am finding all kinds of usefull things to do some of which I have already done.  So Happy New Year I'm going to manage my pinaddiction with blogging.  Good luck for me!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whine whine whine!!!

I have a negative attitude.  I will be the first to admit that.  But you know here lately i been around more negativity than i can stand.  Everywhere i turn its i can do this or i cant do that or I'm not happy what should i do. Or better yet its just sitting there and pouting and shake shake shake goes the leg.  First of all if you are not happy then do something about it.  Its one thing to think that you may fail or may not be cut out for something.  Its quite another to do nothing about it or even try.  If you cant do the job or think that everything  you do is wrong then maybe try harder or just quit and move on.  If things don't go your way then stop pouting and move your fat butt and make it different.  Doing nothing but complaining doesn't fix the problem.  It makes it worse.  I complain! I downgrade myself but i wont dwell.  I know the only way its going to be any different is to take action! Besides can't the whiner see how exhausting its making the people around you feel.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Who Are these Kids and why do they keep calling me MOOOOOOMMY???

I figured before starting into all the proud mommy stories and the ones where you swore the child was someone Else's that you should know these children that are often claimed and occasionally unclaimed.  There is not one but 2 girls.  Yes i said 2 GIRLS!  Needless to say they can wrap numerous people around their little pinky fingers at one time.  Warning...Warning...Manipulation to be in effect in 5..4...3...2...too late they jumped on it early!  Yes they may be able to manipulate the men in their lives, they are still all heart for everyone.  For one you better not take their Ganny away.  And daddy ends up being the greatest daddy to both with out hesitation.  Then there is Poppy! No one hold a candle to Poppy. (maybe cuz he holds the most gum) But i suppose for future posts you should know who i am talking about.  The 6 year old is the Princess.  We will call her Princess T.  She does sport the crown so what else could that mean but royalty.  The 2 year old is a tuff gurl.  She will take down the biggest bully in the room.   We r just gonna call her E.  Tough and to the point!

And the pain refuses to LEAVE

I had my surgery on Thursday.  This pain is very persistent.  On one side, i get to see what its like to be hopped up on pills.  Cant say i like it too very much.  I have had 3 different kinds since Thursday and some of these I'm saying whats the point???  I just took 2, not one but 2 of the most recent one of choice and i still feel like someone just took a razor to my teeth.  That was 2 hours ago.  I hear the one I'm on now could sell for $8 on the street.  Why oh why would someone want to pay $8 for this??? No mine would have cost 16.  Hey what can i say, I'm not cheap.  The relief I'm getting i could sell you a bottle of Tylenol for a lot less.  and its a better bargain cause they come 24 per bottle.  Great now it sounds like I'm making a secret deal over Tylenol.  If it didn't hurt so much i would laugh.  But believe me I'm laughing on the inside! Oh yes, I am laughing!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pain Pain Go Away....

i just cant seem to egt thru the pain this time
and Thanks to everyone
ok i dont think is blog will be worth anything but maybe i can t stay awake but imma try to sleep