Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the pain refuses to LEAVE

I had my surgery on Thursday.  This pain is very persistent.  On one side, i get to see what its like to be hopped up on pills.  Cant say i like it too very much.  I have had 3 different kinds since Thursday and some of these I'm saying whats the point???  I just took 2, not one but 2 of the most recent one of choice and i still feel like someone just took a razor to my teeth.  That was 2 hours ago.  I hear the one I'm on now could sell for $8 on the street.  Why oh why would someone want to pay $8 for this??? No mine would have cost 16.  Hey what can i say, I'm not cheap.  The relief I'm getting i could sell you a bottle of Tylenol for a lot less.  and its a better bargain cause they come 24 per bottle.  Great now it sounds like I'm making a secret deal over Tylenol.  If it didn't hurt so much i would laugh.  But believe me I'm laughing on the inside! Oh yes, I am laughing!

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